The tradition of paving the way for the next generation began with Brian’s grandmother Daisy, who was born in 1915 in Southeast Raleigh and raised Brian there until her passing at age 81.

Brian came of age in Raleigh’s initial version of low-income housing – Raleigh Housing Authority neighborhoods Walnut Terrace and Halifax Court This meant he and his then-70-year-old grandmother were shuffled around several times due to the 1990’s market swings and demands. The last abrupt move instilled in him a deep desire for stability for those of modest means, and led to his determination to preserve community ownership.

With family members still affected by the whims of the growing market, Brian embarked on an initial career in residential development at the peak of the financial collapse.

With lessons learned in hand, he relaunched his portfolio with commercial asset and land acquisitions in surrounding counties slated for economic development with a forthcoming need for affordable housing.**

With Raleigh’s equitability and affordable housing headwinds, he made the decision to become a collaborative business voice for housing choice in Southeast Raleigh, and bring his unique perspective and passion home with the launch of Burnett Development.**

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